The First Baby Steps of OLOPSC Home-Based Education

by: Mr. Alexis D. Par, LPT, MAEd

On the 20th of August 2020, despite the unique and depressing situation the world experiences from the pandemic, the Junior High School Department of OLOPS College braved to open another school year with all its fervent prayers for smooth operations. The global crisis may bring about increasing amount of uncertainties in our hearts, and problems in our lives, but a courageous step like this means that OLOPSCians are eager to step forward.

As OLOPSC introduced Home-Based Education to its clients, it has become receptive of the humongous waves of feedback from students and parents. Before the caring institution went back to its full operations online, the opening of the school year was considered to be a sensitive topic in the Philippines. The journey to push through with the school year’s opening underwent a series of debates on whether or not academic freeze will be materialized, not to mention the unexpected and abrupt policies brought about by the ideological clash between DEPEd and President Duterte’s Administration. OLOPSC considered every situation, patiently heard every discussion, and painstakingly endured all difficulties before it has led to its successful opening of classes this August. The path may be painful and struggling at the beginning, and the pandemic may have added much weight on the school’s shoulders, but nothing can stop the caring institution in delivering its quality service.

The opening of the school year has strengthened the strong and dynamic workforce of the Junior High School department. The team has become more open and receptive of everyone’s voices, ideas and suggestions. Online learning seemed to place its teachers back from scratch as they all have to get accustomed to how education will effectively be delivered online. The trainings have become more intensive as teachers attended a load of webinars, underwent a series of demonstration teaching, and heavy brainstorming and feedbacking sessions. In the end, it turns out that all efforts were paid off as the faculty received overwhelming good feedback from both parents and students. The students’ joyful faces as the first week of school materialized casted all the burden teachers experienced.

If one will take a closer look at these baby steps of the school’s Home-Based Education, one may say that the path is difficult to tread on. As the school shifts to online setup, problems will definitely arise. However, one should know that difficulties occur not to stop the process, but to shake the unshakeable. These challenges will mold both students and teachers to become more resourceful, critical, creative and more importantly, resilient. If people will not adapt to the waves of change, and if they will always choose to avoid suffering, for suffering is inevitable in all processes, they will surely be left behind.

The Junior High School Department of OLOPS College is committed to providing relevant and quality education as it try its best to lift everyone up. It will continue to render its quality service so that no one will be left behind nor forgotten. A tough and steep journey it may seem, but no amount of external doubts nor hesitation can hinder the hearts of lifelong teachers and learners.