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Department Objectives

General Objectives:
The Grade School aims to enhance the knowledge and skills acquired by the pupils in Preschool and develop them thoroughly for High School.

Specific Objectives:
For the learners to acquire:
* competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing computational and analytical skills
* functional understanding of science concepts, principles, skills and processes
* adequate understanding and appreciation of Philippine history and culture
* awareness of and interest in local, national and global news and current affairs
* basic work skills, desirable work habits and attitudes
* physical and emotional well-being
* spiritual, moral, and socio-ecological values
* computer literacy


Ysabel M. Tampus
GSPO President

Meet Ysabel M. Tampus of Grade 6 - Queen of Queens, the current GSPO President and a truly empowered OLOPSCian. From her first years in Grade School, she has started her educational journey filled with drive and passion for excellence. Let us explore some of her academic milestones and personal achievements.

Consistent Academic Achiever from Grade 1 - Present

What makes OLOPSC Grade School Different

Innovates for Excellence

OLOPSC Grades School fosters creativity and innovation through cutting edge technology and modern teaching approaches.

Foster Holistic Education

We create and nurture a dynamic learning environment for our pupils’ holistic growth and development.

Champions Communication and Collaboration

We prioritize and actively promote communication and collaboration to empower our learners.

Reinforces Character Development

We reinforce character development and cultivate a positive school culture to empower and enable our learners in becoming ethical leaders and responsible citizens.

Cultivates a Caring Culture

We foster empathy, kindness and a sense of community among our learners, teachers, staff, parents and  our adopted community.

PUPILS' Testimonials

What our Pupil's Say

Discover the experiences and heartfelt testimonials from our learners

Grade 6 PUPIL (GSPO Vice President)

OLOPSC has made my academic journey more thrilling! I have accumulated a wealth of  knowledge and memories because of this institution.

Grade 6 PUPIL

I love OLOPSC since it aims to be a safe haven for its pupils. The educators do their best to deliver quality education. The environment here is quite welcoming as well.

Grade 5 PUPIL (GSPO Gr. 5 Representative)

As an OLOPSCian, I believe this institution is an outstanding private school that has upgraded facilities for the students. Teachers make learning fun and engaging.

Grade 5 PUPIL

I love OLOPSC because they have one of the best ways of educating people to be future-ready. The staff of the school are very nice and friendly.


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