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Value of Preschool

Spirituality: At OLOPSC, spirituality blossoms as children are encouraged to explore their inner worlds, nurture empathy, and embrace the beauty of interconnectedness.
Respect: We foster a culture of mutual respect, teaching children to honor themselves, others, and the world around them.
Integrity: We prioritize honesty, fairness, and ethical behavior, instilling in children the importance of doing the right thing in all their actions and decisions.
Caring Culture: We are committed to creating a nurturing environment where every child feels safe, valued, supported, and empowered to grow.
Excellence: Through innovative teaching methods and individualized support, we inspire children to reach new heights and become lifelong learners.


Shaping Futures Through Education and Values

At OLOPSC Preschool, we understand that early childhood education is more than just teaching ABCs and 123s; it's about nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders. With a rich legacy of over 46 years, OLOPSC Preschool is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to education that goes beyond academics.

Our carefully crafted curriculum develops essential 21st-century skills like critical thinking, creativity, and social-emotional intelligence. Through interactive experiences and engaging play, we ignite curiosity and inspire imagination, empowering every child to become confident, compassionate, and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

What makes OLOPSC Preschool Different

Holistic Development Approach

We embrace a holistic approach to development, nurturing every aspect of a child's growth for lifelong success.

Engaging Extrracurricular Activities

We provide top quality and wide range of activities that complement its academic curriculum.

Innovative Teaching Methods and Resources

OLOPSC Preschool leverages modern teaching methods that cater to diverse learning styles and preferences.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

We ensure an environment where nurturing care meets secure surroundings in the most possible way. .

Caring and Attentive Teachers and Staff

Our dedicated teachers and staff provide utmost care and attention, ensuring every child's well-being.


What our Pupil's Parent Say

Discover the experiences and insights of our dedicated parents, whose testimonials reflect the transformative impact of our educational approach on their children's lives.

rhea cabili peÑaranda | PRESCHOOL PARENT

Thank you OLOPS College for being an integral part of my child's educational foundation. as a mom, I am very much happy of her development in terms of social, emotional and intellectual aspect. My daughter Aya has been more self-aware.

KHLoe margarette bobdilla | PRESCHOOLPARENT

I choose OLOPSC because it doesn't just focus on textbooks but also encourages creativity and all-around growth. The teachers are awesome and care about each kid's journey. Plus, the school's vibe is super inclusive, making everyone feel like they belong.


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Location: Gen. Ordoñez St., Concepcion Uno, Marikina City, Philippines 1807

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