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Department Objectives

The Junior High School Department aims to enhance the knowledge and skills acquired by the students from their first year of junior high school through their preparation for senior high. The department believes that education with a strong foundation always begins with an institution rooted in love, kindness, and spirituality.

Jovial | Humble | Spirituality

Jovial: OLOPSC shares happiness while exploring students' full potential in every academic or extracurricular activity they engage in.

Humble: The Junior High School believes that a humble heart is essential for every individual.

Spirituality: The school is committed to nurturing students not only academically but also in the love of the Lord and in living a Christ-like life.


Iesha Faith Badua
Grade 10 - Assumption of Mary

The reason I have had such an amazing experience at OLOPSC JHS Department is because of the well-thought and dynamic activities they have every month in celebration of each subject area. These activities significantly improved my creativity, taught me to manage my time well, and helped me to enjoy working with my classmates while honing my talent, skills, and confidence at the same time. I still remember my dual character in the storytelling contest and how competitive my section was during the Cheer Dance Competition. These activities and contests gave me learnings, memories, and amazing experiences I would never trade for anything else. Indeed, my JHS memories are all priceless.

What makes
OLOPSC Junior High School Different

Spiritual Foundation

OLOPSC values the integration of faith and education, promoting a love for learning while instilling in students a sense of purpose and moral responsibility through our spiritually rooted approach.

Technological Innovation

At OLOPSC Junior High School, we embrace cutting-edge technology and modern teaching methods to foster creativity and innovation among our students.

Leadership Development

We are dedicated to nurturing academic excellence and strong leadership skills among our students through programs like the Junior High School Student Organization (JHSSO), empowering them to become confident leaders within and beyond their community.

Sustainability Advocacy

We are passionate advocates for sustainability and healthy living, engaging students in activities such as Clay Go, Earth Hour, and rainwater collection. Our commitment extends to organizing weekly events like Water Day, and Fruits and Veggie Day to promote healthy lifestyles.

Caring Commnity

Through holistic campus programs and community outreach initiatives in Tumana, OLPSC fosters a culture of care and compassion, building strong relationships and making a positive impact beyond our school walls.

PUPILS' Testimonials

What our Pupil's Say

Discover the experiences and heartfelt testimonials from our learners

Hitomi C. Toyota
Grade 10 PUPIL (JHSSO President)

As a JHSSO President for the school year 2023-2024 and also as a Vice President and Level Representative in the previous years, OLOPSC really helped me to be an empowered student leader. Not just in being a leader but a role model to other students to strive harder to become the best version of themselves. Being a leader all through my journey at OLOPSC made me confident in my ability to balance my academics and guide my schoolmates.  

Riza Nina M. Nadunza
Grade 10 (Swimmer Varsity)

The OLOPSC JHS Department has helped me in many ways. All throughout my journey as a student-athlete. they always give their 100% support to the athletes participating in various competitions. I am motivated to compete because the school is providing the love and support the player needs. Pressure is also a factor when it comes to representing your school, but I feel at ease with the help of the teachers, coaches, parents, classmates, staff.

IMACU Gabriel Fronda
Grade 9 Student

My educational growth in OLOPSC made a meaningful impact academically and personally as it molded me to become a better version of myself and cultivated my character, focusing on the values of humility, gratitude, and appreciation. Through humility, I learned to be honest with my weaknesses and understand the value of others.
With a grateful heart, I realized the bountiful blessings around me manifested through the guidance of my teachers and fellowship with my classmates.

RoxanNe Lazarte
Grade 9 Student

As a junior high school student studying in OLOPSC, I can proudly state that this institution stands out for its remarkable vision and mission, which have profoundly influenced my life. Beyond being a school that empowered me as a student inside the campus, OLOPSC is also my second home, where I’ve made several advancements that have prepared me for my future endeavors. My JHS experience so far has opened many opportunities to demonstrate my abilities and changed me into a better version of myself.

Grade 9 Student

I have been a student of OLOPSC for six years already—and I can confidently testify that the school provides high-quality education. I have achieved outstanding success not only in my academic career but also in personal growth. Through activities and competitions, the school opened doors of opportunities to me that helped me nurture my talents, potential, and skills. But while the education I received from the school did contribute a lot to my accomplishments, note that the loving and supportive community helped me bloom into the person I am today.

Risabrina Jose
Grade 9 Student

From a quiet, insecure, "go with the flow", and a people pleaser—to a confident, outgoing, and a risk taker person who knows how to say no. The set of experiences that I have gathered during my journey here as a student at OLOPSC ignited my spirit to become a better individual not only for my family or my friends, but also for myself. The caring culture each one of us embodies gave me courage to continue and strive to be my very best. I truly am proud to be an OLOPSCian—because of my school, I was gifted with new chances and opportunities that are undoubtedly big stepping stones to my dreams.


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