Jun 27, 2024

Growing Together as Family!

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he OLOPSC Preschool and Grade School celebrated a Family Fun Day on March 16, 2024 which aims to strengthen the bond among the members of the school community. This special event brings together students, parents, teachers, and staff in a unique bond of camaraderie and shared experiences. School Family Day is more than just a fun day out; it plays a significant role in fostering a sense of community, promoting family involvement in education, and creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

        The Activity was held at the Marikina Sports Center. The event featured a wide range of interactive activities, including 

games at different levels and a “Walk for a Cause”, where families joined hands to support a meaningful initiative. This collective participation not only strengthened the essence of the event but also emphasized the importance of coming together for a greater purpose. Awards were given to participants in categories such as, “The Youngest Participant”, “The Oldest Participant”, “Early Bird” and “Most number of attendees”, which brought smiles of joy to the participants. 

   Indeed, the PS-GS Family Fun Day is not just a day of fun and games; it’s a celebration of unity, collaboration, and shared values. It serves as a reminder that education is a collective effort and that together, we can create a brighter future for the younger generations. This event not only strengthens the sense of belongingness among the school participants but also instill the values of compassion, teamwork, and social responsibility.