OLOPSC's Junior High School Department reinforces the school's mission together with the revamped K-12 Curriculum of the Philippines. Partnered with its intensified academe standards, OLOPSC also integrates positive values and attitudes through its Values Education courses. At this institution, we give students bigger shoes that they would be growing in for tomorrow's journey.

K to 12 Compliant Curriculum

At OLOPSC, we embrace the K to 12 program’s objectives that aim to provide ample time for mastery of concepts and skills, hone lifelong scholars and learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment and entrepreneurship. Taking into greater consideration the program’s core curriculum, we zeroed in on the seven learning areas namely languages, literature, communication, mathematics, philosophy, natural sciences, and social sciences. Our education system has also mastered technology-based learning strategies that complement our immersive learning facilities and industry-seasoned faculty.


Staying committed to producing academically excellent and highly competitive individuals, we in the Junior High School Department ensure balance in academic and non-academic activities catering to our students’ interests and passion.


Gearing towards building a community with functional members, we also expose our students to engagements that strengthen their sense of responsibility, producing young student-leaders driven with the commitment to serve and be of service to those in need, grounded by OLOPSC’s core values.


In the JHS Department, we aspire and guarantee that our students are ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.

OLOPSC Laboratories

Our Junior High School program aims to equip our students with the proper tools of learning and of competencies that are essential in boosting their academic self-esteem and performance, as embedded in our well-rounded curriculum. We constantly strive to prepare our students for productive endeavors in the realms of senior high school, higher education, and even in real life as virtuous, competent, and responsible professionals.

Choose OLOPSC Junior High School

The thrust of the Junior High School Department is preparing its students for their future academic successes. Teachers engage their students in various academic competitions in the different subject areas to empower them to feel a sense of pride and ownership. Students are aware of their teachers’ goals and hopes for them. Students are led to use their critical thinking and innovative skills through varied tasks or school activities.


OLOPSC also promotes strong character formation because it believes in the holistic well-being of all OLOPSCians. Caring, competent teachers and staff instill in the students’ minds the culture of the school’s core values, the SRICE.


OLOPSC is a safe and secure campus with air-conditioned classrooms and is at an accessible location.


OLOPSC is built on a curriculum that is rooted in rigorous standards.


OLOPSC JHS is a PEAC (Private Education Assistance Committee) accredited school which provides financial assistance to its students.


OLOPSC JHS is PAASCU Accredited.




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Junior High School Department Buildings B, C, and D