“Happy and Healthy Me!” Re-Launching of F-S-V Day

By: Mrs. Alexa Rae S. Ducusin
Preschool Teacher

Last August 20, 2021, Preschool Department of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College re-launched the Fruit-Seafood and Veggie Day with its theme, “Happy and Healthy Me!” The objective of this activity is to remind not just the pupils but even teachers and parents how important eating healthy food is. It also aims to help the children differentiate healthy food from junk food as well as their good benefits to our bodies. Also, to help everyone remember to eat fruit/seafood/vegetable every Friday, not just in Zoom class but even at home.

During the culminating activity, pupils and teachers began by dancing songs about fruits and vegetables where everyone happily did it with their friends. It was followed by a food guessing game where pupils will give predictions about the food inside the bag following the clues given. Parents and children participated in the activity and gave correct guesses for all the items. After which, pupils were asked to do an art activity called “Food Sponge Painting” where the pupils will color their favorite fruit/seafood/vegetable of their choice using sponges and paints. The children enthusiastically did the art showing their creativity in painting. Pupils also watched interactive videos about choosing healthy food over junk food. For the last part, teachers, pupils and parents had a Healthy Virtual Picnic where pupils presented the healthy food that they have prepared for the day. It was indeed a very productive day for everybody!

It is indeed important that children learn the essence of eating healthy food not just every Friday but every day. That’s why the Preschool Department makes sure to give activities that will remind and encourage the pupils to eat all kinds of healthy food. It is also important that we impart to them this habit while they are still young so they can apply this as they grow older. Let us remember, “We Are What We Eat”, and should be good examples for our children for the benefits of their healthy future.