OLOPSC GRADE SCHOOL TRANSCENDS: An Overview of Grade School’s Virtual Classes

By: Ms. Hazel Grace M. Reyes, LPT
Grade School Faculty

OLOPSC Grade School has been around since 1978, constantly making headway as the curriculum and generation alters. The Grade School Department strives to match and even transcend the quality education that we believe all pupils should be given the right to experience and acquire. Especially during these trying times where the pandemic persists, notwithstanding, we all believe that this should not hinder the pupils from learning and improving their acquired knowledge and skills. Hence, OLOPSC decided to adopt a flexible learning environment where one can have access to education and quality learning in the comfort of their homes. Although most schools have also switched to this mode of learning, here are some of the added features that OLOPSC Grade School offers:

1. Flexible Schedules

OLOPSC Grade School considered the possibility that some families might have complications with the use of gadgets. Not everyone has the capability to acquire multiple gadgets for their children if they are all simultaneously enrolled. Consequently, OLOPSC Grade School decided to divide the classes into two sessions: morning and afternoon. This is to give everyone the choice to enroll their children in different sessions without the need to use multiple gadgets. OLOPSC Grade School also alternated the schedule of subjects so that the submission of tasks and assignments can be done with one day intervals. There may be Friday and Saturday classes but only for needed assessments. If there are no assessments scheduled, these days are for asynchronous activities.

2. Virtual Open House and Online Trial Classes

OLOPSC Grade School offers free online trial classes before the start of the school year for potential and previous enrollees to have an experience of what it would be like in a virtual class of the grade level they are about to enter. They are assigned to observe and even participate in class discussions for one whole class period. This is also to give the parents an opportunity to see if OLOPSC Grade School is the right school for their child.

3. Pre-orientation and Tutorials

OLOPSC Grade School understands that not all are experts in the use of software applications and digital platforms. Hence, we conduct orientations for parents and pupils before the start of actual classes to help the pupils practice how to navigate the platforms that will be used during virtual classes. Recorded tutorial videos are also available for those who want to re-watch the steps. OLOPSC Grade School also launched the OLOPSC GS HoBS Assistance Team in Facebook Messenger, a help desk for parents and pupils who need assistance with technical difficulties they experience with their gadgets or digital platforms.

4. User-Friendly Platforms

For the Grade School Department, the pupils are using G-Suite for Education which has platforms that are very easy to use and understand. For announcements, exams, and other assessments, the pupils access the Google Classroom. This is where they access the Google Meet link to join their virtual classes. Submission of tasks and activities are done inside Google Classroom. Assessments are administered using Google Forms, Google Docs or Google Slides. All of these are introduced by the teachers and are accessed and manipulated easily. For projects, experiments and extension of learning activities, pupils use Aralinks CLE, where pupils have personal accounts.

5. Fun, Educational and Cultivating Activities

Not being able to meet physically does not restrict the pupils to enjoy while learning and improving their knowledge and skills. OLOPSC Grade School makes sure that they both have fun and learn not just through curricular activities.

6. Holistic Development

OLOPSC Grade School ensures to teach the pupils not just for intellectual development but also for holistic development by instilling our core values in their everyday lessons and activities or events.

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Caring Culture

Most schools can provide you with knowledge and skills, but OLOPSC Grade School is committed to bringing the best out of your children, providing quality education, and empowering learners beyond limits. Join us now and be part of our OLOPSC Family!