JHS Science Month Celebration 2020-2021

By: Ma. Raquel B. Talosig

The annual celebration of the JHS Science Month this year was a little different due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Science area had to come up with an alternative way to celebrate the event. Instead of having the usual activities from the previous years which required the physical and active participation of the students, this year we encouraged them to virtually participate in our simple celebration.

This year’s Science Month celebration has the theme “Reinventing the Science Education in the Midst of Pandemic”. More than just a celebration, it recognizes the significance of Science education in our daily lives despite the current pandemic. Because COVID-19 is a socio-scientific issue, there is an unprecedented need to reinvent the way how Science will be taught in the midst of pandemic to provide students support and equitable learning regardless of what medium of learning it will take place in.

The Science area launched the E-Poster Making Contest with this year’s theme last September 07, 2020 through the Science teachers’ respective classes. This activity aimed to encourage students to express their talents and creativity, motivate and develop self-confidence by recognizing their excellence and hard work and most of all, to raise awareness about the new learning structure caused by the pandemic.  The following are samples of the e-posters done by the students.

Learning is not just about going to school. It comes from well-rounded experiences and widening of knowledge about the truth of life. Science education has a critical role to play in the midst of this pandemic. It will surely contribute to saving lives and discovery of new vaccines, therefore, there is no reason that students be deprived of scientific literacy in these critical times. Now that the education system has shifted dramatically to remote learning, the mission still remains – it is to overcome the learning crisis, respond to the pandemic we are all facing, and no student shall be left behind.