Grade School Virtual Field Trip

Electronic Field Trip

by: Daryl James B. De Guzman
6 Queen of Queens

Our Electronic Field Trip last September 24, 2020 was surprisingly educational. I learned a lot about the Manhattan Project and how it changed science and the history of the world. I learned so many new things like how nuclear reactors use fission to work and atomic bombs were more destructive than I thought. I was astonished when I found out that more than 100,000 people were involved in a single project. Not only was it educational, it was also entertaining and very interesting. I had fun watching the video, even though it was more than an hour long. Since I had such an exciting experience, I would be enthusiastic if there will be another Electronic Field Trip.

Science in History, the Manhattan Project

by: Jaimie Leancie M. Gatapia
6-Queen of Queens

On the 24th of September 2020, 6th Grade learners went on a virtual field trip to learn more about the history behind the Manhattan Project. The field trip was held during the pupils’ Science time, the reason being that science was used to formulate the weapon. The teacher played a video on the project, the people involved it, and how atomic bombs were used. The goal of this activity is to let the students explore and learn while having fun in their homes.

To me, it was meaningful to learn how science was used in the old times. As someone who loves to read about history and science, I had a fun time. It’s incredible how a single video can amuse and enlighten someone about a topic that informs us how science was used in history. It felt like traveling back in time and comprehending information that happened in the past. I think it’s something that could spark interest in someone to learn more about the bombing and the history behind it. Even if the video was long, I felt ecstatic and mesmerized at how the discovery of atomic bombs through science affected history.