Under the Sea Adventure

By: Maria Janiña P. Rosendal
-Junior Nursery Teacher

Blue and Green, Let’s make it clean! And indeed all this was made possible, despite the Pandemic, we were able to go under water and meet sea animal friends. Children were thrilled of the experience. It was something new and exciting!

In this activity, the pupils wore their DIY scuba masks and summer clothes to add the right vibe to their experience, while the teachers wore a rash guard and DIY scuba mask as well to be the pupils’ underwater tour guide. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime. The class was encouraged to use a virtual background of an underwater scene too. As they started their scuba diving, the pupils met different sea animals like a whale, a jellyfish, a crab, a shark, etc. As they met these animals, it was also a great way to see the true condition our seas nowadays that it’s already filled with trash. Through this activity, children are encouraged to help not only the sea but the whole world so that it can become beautiful and clean.

After the Under the Sea adventure, they went back to the shore with their virtual background changed as well. Teacher asked the pupils to draw their most favorite sea animal. Finally, teacher gave tips to take care of Mother Earth such as recycle, save water, conserve energy, and others.