A Test of Faith

by: Ms. Hazel Grace M. Reyes, LPT

Two centuries and two decades—a mark of another year for mankind to prosper. A generation where technology is almost as essential as occupations for without it, life would be a lot more difficult. Technology has been an advantage to many—especially schools. It closed the gap between tasks that can be done more effectively through its intervention. It has been the bridge between teachers and learners, to be able to make learning more meaningful and fun. Technology has been too important to most of us.

Although this year was supposed to be another year to prosper, the pandemic made the last leg of school year 2019-2020 difficult for everyone. Events such as graduations, recognition rites and simple class farewells were cancelled for safety purposes. It was a shock for most of us and a scare to others. Seeing how things have turned out, OLOPSC immediately took action and held meetings to discuss every matter that needs to be addressed. A lot of months of planning and troubleshooting took place to prepare for the new school year. Inasmuch as technology can be a friend to most of us, it can also be a rival for those who do not have enough knowledge of its use.

A month before opening of classes, the OLOPSC Grade School Faculty underwent training with the use of different platforms to make sure that they are equipped with knowledge to facilitate learning through online classes. There have been a lot of trial and errors, a lot of questions and practices among each other, to make sure everyone has enough background of the platforms to be used. Trial classes were held and the feedback helped to improve even more. Everyone became a learner just before classes opened. Every teacher, leader and staff member worked hand-in-hand to make sure that the opening of classes will run smoothly.

The big day came and OLOPSC Grade School created the HoBS Help Desk for those who needed technical help with their accounts and the use of platforms. Teachers and advisers helped in catering to everyone’s concerns and feedback. Instructional leaders also developed guidelines for teachers, students, and parents to give a better understanding of each one’s roles during this new normal teaching and learning process. The first whole week of the opening of classes was reserved for orientations to make sure all students were taught about the basic navigation of the websites, learning and communication platforms and applications. Subject orientations were also conducted for the students to meet their teachers and also to practice the guidelines that were taught to them. Some activities and plans were removed or modified according to the available resources on our pupils’ end. The department collaborated with Phoenix Aralinks’ IT technicians and help desk for concerns regarding pupils’ CLE Aralinks account. The teachers gave their best effort in explaining, teaching, navigating, manipulating, modifying and troubleshooting with the pupils to ensure a smooth flow of their online classes.

It has not been easy for most of us. There were a lot of sleepless nights, thinking about how we can give quality education even through online classes. Some were even full of fear as we did not have a choice but to face the challenges that this pandemic brings. But we shall carry on. We shall have the strength to push past these problems and try our best to provide for the future of this generation. We shall not get trampled on by these challenges. We shall not show weakness but instead prove that this pandemic cannot stop us from helping the learners grow and reach their dreams. We shall continue educating our learners so that a challenge like this shall be overcome. This is a test of faith. And this too, shall pass.