PNP gives OLOPSC “Very Good” rating

OLOPSC received a “Very Good” rating for our COVID-19 prevention safety protocols during the inspection conducted by the PNP last July 11, 2020


For the past months during the community quarantine, the school’s administration has been adamant that all employees and visitors strictly follow the step-by-step procedure for entering the campus and observe the safety protocol being implemented while inside the school’s premises.

Naturally, it was not easy for us to remember all the rules at first, which tested everyone’s patience. Thanks to the very hardworking and accommodating nurses, security personnel, and maintenance staff of OLOPSC, we all eventually adapted to the new daily routine.


The Administrative Affairs Office in particular has done a superb job at setting up the facilities and safety protocols, giving the employees and visitors assurance that the school is safe and COVID-free. Some examples of safety measures in place are foot baths and hand sanitizers at all entrances, mandatory checking of temperature upon entry, mandatory filling out of the health questionnaire, and one-way traffic along hallways and entry/exit points.


Congratulations to the OLOPSC staff in charge of implementing the COVID-19 safety protocols! OLOPSC is also thankful for the cooperation and understanding of everyone entering the school. Together, we can be strong and fight this crisis!