No OLOPSCian Left Behind

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind.” – Lilo and Stitch.

This is a perfect example of what the institution is doing right now for its family – the OLOPSCians.

We know that our country has been struck by a tremendous global crisis — the infamous Covid-19 Pandemic. It pushed us all to the brink of collapse, whether it be financial, emotional, moral, and even in the aspects of health and education.

Despite the pandemic, OLOPSC remains faithful to uphold its vision and core values to continue its service as a premier caring educational institution. OLOPSC is no stranger to hardships and struggles as everyone is greatly affected with the unforeseen consequences of the pandemic.


And as a faithful steward, it is always committed to provide services to those who need them the most. A selfless move made by the institution is to reduce the tuition fee this S.Y. 2020-2021. The commensurate decrease of tuition fees will contribute to an increase in the disposable income of the families of OLOPSCians. It might be little, but even a diminutive of it is considerably a great help in this time of scarcity. As the institution pushes its standards with the new normal, OLOPSC ensures that no OLOPSCian will be left behind.