Marching Onward in the New Normal

A Message from Dr. Armida Salvador Samaniego, OLOPSC President

The disruption that is caused by the Coronavirus or the COVID-19 has revolutionized the educational system. Humankind is forced to leap and embrace digital transformations.


As we are pressed to take actions, we pivoted to face this great challenge and can say that OLOPSC is marching onward in the new normal. We are ready to face the new school year under the so-called

new normal by increasing the use of digital technology and web-based platforms in the delivery of curriculum and instruction as well as student services and school operations. Below are the many things OLOPSC has done and will implement to ensure the continuity of education.


  1. Electronic report of grades were scheduled to be e·mailed to parents on the last week of May but with the extension of the ECQ until the end of May, we hope to do it by early June depending on the situation. Only those with settled fees will receive their grades.
  2. Payment of fees may be done through bank-to-bank transactions, online transfers and GCash payments and we will be expanding our payment schemes to cater to different capabilities of our clientele.
  3. Amount of unsettled school fees may be inquired from our Bills Inquiries Team. Contact numbers are posted in the OLOPSC Facebook, Instagram, and website and in the respective departmental Facebook accounts.
  4. Surcharges for unpaid school fees and library fines are waived from March until May.
  5. Admission of new students is currently done online and entrance examinations are waived for this school year.
  6. For holding graduation ceremonies of Grade 6, Grade 12 and the College as well as the moving-up rites of the Grade 10, the decision to defer or cancel will be based on government and DepEd guidelines.
  7. For queries relating to your department, each academic unit has its Inquiries Team too. Their contact numbers are available on the OLOPSC Facebook, Instagram and website and in the respective departmental Facebook accounts.
  8. The Junior and the Senior High School departments will be holding the flexible home-based Summer Classes. Parents shall be contacted by Principals’ representatives.
  9. The College Division shall also push through with the flexible home-based Summer Classes. Program Directors shall be in close communication with the students.
  10. Enrollment may be done online or face-to-face (if situation already allows). Official enrollment begins on June 15, 2020. Those who wish to enroll earlier than the schedule may do so. School fees and schedules of payment will be restructured accordingly.
  11. Our faculty members and academic non-teaching staff are currently redesigning the curriculum and instructional deliveries to adapt to the new normal. The school will be strengthening its internet capabilities to ensure stability and reliability in holding classes. Third party partnerships are being expanded to include remote access to their resources.
  12. We have formed a Prevention and Control of COVID-19 team to ensure the protection of the students, employees and the whole educational facilities from the spread of the virus.
  13. With the recent approval of the IATF on the DepEd recommendation to allow private schools to open earlier than August 24, 2020, OLOPSC will start holding classes on the first or second week of August.
  14. OLOPSC will adopt flexible learning for home-based education using online platforms as well as offline means especially for those with weak or no internet connectivity and limited equipment. Slowly, we will introduce blended learning such that the face-to-face classes will be introduced depending on the situation.

I am therefore appealing for the understanding and support of students, parents, employees, and the whole community. I believe that we can still stand out as a strong institution in the face of this crisis and together we can heal as one. For updates and announcements, you may regularly check the OLOPSC Facebook, Instagram and website and departmental Facebook accounts.