A New Road to Take – OAA Officers’ Oath-taking Ceremony

by: Ryan Patrick P. Genove, OAA Secretary

OLOPSC embarked on a new journey through its alumni association. The day was filled with new aspirations and new hopes as the school merged its high school and college alumni association under one name: OLOPSC Alumni Association (OAA). It was the day of stepping up to a new challenge which the officers were entrusted with.

A special day was witnessed last December 15 at the OLOPSC Chapel where the Oath-taking Ceremony of the new OAA Officers took place. A mass was presided by the school chaplain, Father Benjie Notarte. Present also in the event were the Salvador Family headed by Madam Carmen Caday Salvador. (maybe place something here for transistion, baka nakakalito all the periods) Dr. Armida Salvador Samaniego, spear-headed the oath taking ceremony right after the mass. The OAA Officers took their oath as they were blessed by Father Benjie, who prayed for them and their journey they will be undertaking.

Together, they pledged to serve the school and the association through their time, effort, and ideas to contribute in the development of a progressive and peaceful OLOPSC community. The group’s leader, OAA President, Mr. Gultiano expressed his view on the new challenges entrusted to them as a group, “Every time I think about it, it makes me feel excited and scared at the same time which I think is good. Being scared means that I’m well aware of the importance and gravity of my role in the institution. I already braced myself for the challenges ahead but I am also confident because of all the officers with me who are working really hard to make it happen. I am truly blessed to be able to work with these gifted and diverse professionals. Ms. Antonette Riera, the Treasurer of the alumni association said, “I am happy and excited to serve again. It’s another group or team to work with. I am proud and at the same time clueless as to what will happen moving forward. But then through this blessing and acceptance, I am not worried at all.”

The newly-elected officers are now ready to put their best foot forward. As they face a new chapter together as one team, no challenge will be too big or too great. With the guidance and divine presence of the Lord, nothing is impossible for the OLOPSC Alumni Association.