OLOPSC Alumni: High School & College as One

by: Ryan Patrick P. Genove, OAA Secretary

For the first time in OLOPSC history, the alumni associations of the High School and College departments were unified and renamed to OLOPSC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (OAA). This is in effort of the school in building a harmonious relationship among its alumni. In line with this occasion, the school carried out an event aptly named “Alumni Socials 2019” which occured last November 9 at the OLOPSC Multi-purpose Hall (MPH). Among the attendees were the school administrators, teachers, and graduates.

The gathering presented a wonderful opportunity for the alumni to reconnect with former classmates and teachers, some even meeting for the first time again in decades. Also in attendance were Mrs. Rose Editha Salvador Flores-Vice President of Institutional Affairs and Director for Human Resource, Mrs. Perpetua Hernandez-Junior High School Principal, Miss Jevilyn Candelario-Junior High School Assistant Principal, Mrs. Malou Dimasakat-External Relations Officer, teachers from the Junior High School Department, and the newly appointed OAA Officers.

With the merger of the two associations, a new set of officers were appointed and were officially presented at the event:

Chairman of the Association: Eric Eligio Cruz de la Paz
President: Alvin Felipe D. Gultiano
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Krizza F. San Pedro
Vice President of External Affairs: Constantine O. Ignacio
Secretary: Ryan Patrick P. Genove
Treasurer: Antonette Riera
Marketing and Social Media Director: Bea Borromeo

The OAA Officers presented the ongoing and proposed projects and the financial status of the previous alumni associations. One of the highlights of the event was the promotion of the Grand Alumni Homecoming 2019, which was set to happen on November 16, 2019 at the OLOPSC Gymnasium. Everyone was excited to attend to see their former schoolmates, especially after the Alumni Socials created such a positive spirit and built much excitement with the merger, the presentations, and upcoming projects.

Mr. De la Paz and Mr. Gultiano further shared their thoughts about the merging:  “The merger was definitely a good decision,” said Mr. De la Paz. “This signified the unification of two different organizations working on a common goal. The merger addressed the importance of remembering the OLOPSC culture of respect, love, and brotherhood, knowing that working together will strengthen the association in completing the tasks and realizing its goals. Now, as one unified organization, the association will definitely soar higher and be of great and better service to the alumni and to the OLOPSC community.”

Mr. Gultiano shared his experience as the President of the association, “When I was given the opportunity, I said to myself, ‘Who wouldn’t say no to be part of OLOPSC alumni history?’ I always believed in strength in numbers, it means we can do more if we are working together. To me, the idea of merging the college and high school alumni is exciting because of its potential and opportunity for growth. Of course, it will be hard but every big alumni hotshot started from small and what we’re doing now is the start of something big.”

The gathering concluded with attendees bonding over lunch, reminiscing wonderful memories during their years in OLOPSC. A brand new start surely awaits the OLOPSC Alumni Association with exciting and fun-filled memories to be made.