Together We Make a Family!

Last November 23, 2019, the Preschool Department of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College held its annual family day celebration with the theme; “Together, We Make a Family!”. The objective of this activity is to strengthen the bond between families and colleagues through fun and interacting games and activities as well as building a strong foundation in the OLOPSC Preschool community.

The activity was held at the OLOPSC Gymnasium from 8:00 to 10:30 in the morning, hosted by Teacher Alona and yours truly, Teacher Alec. The preschool pupils from Junior Nursery to Kinder together with their parents and guardians happily joined the said activity. They were warmly welcomed by the Preschool teachers and staff as soon as they arrived at the venue.

The activity started with an opening prayer which was led by the Assistant to the Preschool Head, Teacher Cholene. The prayer was followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and OLOPSC Hymn. Ma’am Grace Balean, PTA Treasurer, also gave her welcome remarks. She shared the importance of having this kind of event for everyone to continue the love we have for each other, especially in the fast approaching Christmas season. Right after the welcome remarks, the pupils and parents were invited to join in the Zumba Activity to start off the program. Duaso Family from Senior Nursery Clever and Dela Cruz Family from Junior Nursery Glad and Kinder Cherished were awarded as the “Best Dancers” for this part. 

The emcees also announced the “Early Birds” in the venue and these are; Liam Orcine, Francine Ramos, Ayesha Magallanes, Raymark Flores, Ace Rabe and Creve Lucina. The emcees also didn’t forget to thank the sponsors who contributed a big help to make the event successful. These are; the OLOPSC PTA, Bartilad Family, Orcine Family, Catriz Family, Bentic Family and Uy Family.

The participants were divided into 6 color-coded groups. The Red Team, consisting of Junior Nursery Glad, Senior Nursery Brave and Kinder Cherished; the Yellow Team has Senior Nursery Creative, Kinder Courteous and Kinder Lovable; the Blue Team has Junior Nursery Happy, Senior Nursery Kind and Kinder Friendly; the Green Team consisting of Senior Nursery Patient, Senior Nursery Pure, Kinder Generous and Kinder Meek. Junior Nursery Joyful, Senior Nursery Clever and Kinder Hopeful belong to the Orange Team while Senior Nursery Honest, Senior Nursery Loving and Kinder Humble belong to the Violet Team.

The department prepared fun and exciting games for all of the participants such as Cookie Monster, Paper Dance, Hula Hoop Relay, Sleigh Ride, Longest Line, and Head to Head. A number of representatives for each team were encouraged to join. The parents and pupils participated competitively yet in a friendly way. Sportsmanship was really evident during the games. Parents and children were also motivated to win not just for their team but for the wonderful prizes that await them. Some of these were; breakfast package, merienda package, and noche buena package. 

A raffle was held after every game, which added excitement and enthusiasm in the crowd. Each team had one winner who received a major prize for each raffle round. There is a total of 6 major prizes enough for the 6 teams. 

After all the fun games and raffle, Teacher Donna, OLOPSC Preschool Head, gave her closing remarks. She thanked all the parents, guardians and pupils who gave time to joyfully participate in the said event and reminded everyone to maintain the camaraderie built in this activity. This was followed by the closing prayer and prayer before meal which was led by yours truly, Teacher Alec. 

Each team has a designated area to have their lunch with the food that they have brought for everyone in their group. They were also reminded to support CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) Policy to set good examples for the young ones.  

Truly, the importance of love for family can never be underestimated. It is a big factor of our children’s growth into adulthood. We should always show our affection to our family by supporting them and not giving up on them. Kudos to the Preschool Department for organizing such an activity, for creating happy memories and experiences that will always be remembered by the parents, especially by the children. We are sure that everyone is looking forward to another successful family day event next school year.